So. Summary of my life right now. Here we go. 
So I lettered in soccer but they spelt my name wrong on the ticket, I tested out of all my finals for tomorrow so technically today was my last day of school and it’s summer now for me, the only thing not allowing me to feel the full affect is that I have summer workouts for the rest of the summer every weekday for two hours and I am also applying for my first job tomorrow and I might throw up, it’s really late and I’m really tired but I feel like I should stay up late because I just should and write because my mind works really awesome at nighttime. Also here is my color reduction print I did in art of a classy man in a suit, I’m very proud of it. Today my friends and I went swimming in a river and swung off a tree with a rope into the water and it was actually pretty fun, then we cruised around town and my friend Sam serenaded people on the street as we drove past including the McDonald’s guy who took our order, we also ate pizza and had rootbeer floats and watched Cupcake Mania and an infomercial about a butt workout. Great way to start the summer, I must say. 

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